We believe in educating future leaders committed to enhance the lives of our communities.


Graduate Career Ready

Our approach, secondary success strategy aims to dramatically increase the number of young adults who complete their high school curriculum, setting them up for success in the workplace and in life.

Industry Trade Mentors

Low income students and minorities are particularily hit hard. Only one in 10 low-income students can expect to graduate from college. And disporportionatley fewer students earn a high school diploma. This is not due to a lack of talent but instead to the high cost of tuition and to the fact that many graduate.

Vocational Technical Occupation

High school drop outs will be encouraged back to complete high school through partipating in our program and graduate high school, develop thier talents through our mentorship leadership classes, as it familiarizes and educates of a trade and career in the beauty industry. Students who wish to participate in the "Get
Beauty Schooled" program.

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