Funding Ovarian Cancer Research for early prevention and early detection of ovarian cancer to benefit all women. 

Esperanza - There is Beauty in Hope plays a critical role in the fight against ovarian cancer. Esperanza and the largest and oldest non-profit funder of ovarian cancer research in the United States, are committed to financing cutting-edge medical research at this important time. Scientists are on the threshold of many important new discoveries. New tools and technologies, along with an ever-increasing understanding of the molecular basis and origins of the disease, offer extraordinary scientific opportunities to make progress in ovarian cancer research.


Why fund research - In spite of the pressing need, ovarian cancer research is under-funded. Government funding for ovarian cancer research has been stagnant for many years– and when factoring in inflation, funding has actually declined over the last several years. Less than six cents of every dollar spent on health in the U.S. is spent on research to prevent, cure and treat disease, while 31 cents per dollar is spent on hospital care.


Medical research is essential to saving more women’s lives. 


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Esperanza is a program of the NLCA FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.